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Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli founded his Studio in 1990 and in 2003, together with Roberta Colla, the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Company, based in Florence, Milan, Puntaldìa, Dubai, Rabat and Busan.
He is the curator of many thematic exhibitions in the most important international fairs.
In 2007 he was the representative of the Italian interior design participating to “XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura” in Barranquilla, Colombia and again in 2008 participating to the International Conference of Architecture for the Contract field in Hanover, Germany.
In 2008 he signed the “La Casa Italiana” exhibition at the “Mube” Museum of sculpture in San Paolo, Brazil; during the same year he participated to the exhibitions at the “Franz Mayer” Museum in Mexico City and at “Centro de las Artes" in Monterrey in 2009.
He is professor at Poli. Design and at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.
His professional activity moves towards different directions: from architecture to interior design, from visual design to communication; his eco-friendly and nature-oriented creations are characterized by strong identity and uniqueness. Many of his works are realized for public administration and for important private clients belonging to the residential world.
His works have been shown in the most important international exhibitions; he held conferences and lessons in universities and cultural institutes of many cities; his publications are on the most important national and international magazines.

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