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When we were kids, it was the safest of all places:

secret tosuch an extent that we would often wonder whether mom

would ever actually find us. As adults, it turns into the place

where to give in to our weaknesses and ostentations,

into the temple of looks where we carefully build the characters

that we want to be in our daily life, as if we were actors

getting ready for the stage.

Like none other, the wardrobe is the most exclusive

and personal space in a home. It is, as a matter of fact, inaccessible

to almost all apart from its owner: no wonder it has often

been used as the ideal spot in which to end in a surreal way

a possible extramarital relationship!

So while its outside is rightfully a story-teller

(it informs us about materials and finishes and design choices),

its inside is empty, neutral and functional and will come to life thanks

to the colours and shapes suggested by the fashion items that

it hosts. This may well be the reason why Pamar has decided

to work on a detail that usually goes unseen within

the composition of this jewel box of interiors: the austere width

on which hangers are set which traditionally is a mere line.

Hence for the first time, the resting place for hangers is made

of natural materials such as leather and wood, also combined in various options with steel. Just like the clothes and the accessories that we wear.

Finally, even an empty wardrobe will have its own personality:

and not that one of the unveiled lover!

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Design CRP

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Desig Giuseppe Bavuso

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