Pamar has made research and experimentation

a distinguishing feature of its history.


Subsequently, it was only natural for Pamar to acknowledge design as the next step in the distinction and creation

of its identity. Its most significant transformation began

in the Nineties, when Pamar embraced design

in a comprehensive way, thanks to Marco Redaelli’s intuition, and due to constant collaboration with renowned

and emerging architects and designers, created collections

of handles, knobs and furniture accessories,

often anticipating the demands of the furniture industry.


Collections and products in which the personalities

and the expressive language of the designers

cannot go unnoticed, always generating ideas ahead

of trend. The new course undertaken by Pamar marked

its interest in positioning itself in a higher end market,

more receptive to a strong inclination towards design.


Giving a handle an unmistakable style, which is what Pamar has always done, has always been a true art.

A company that chose design as the universal language

to dialogue with the world. Design and production

“Made in Italy”, state of the art technologies, international design and continuous innovation are fundamental

to Pamar’s success today.

Projects from 

all over the world.

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Design Inc.

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