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Pinuccio Borgonovo

Pinuccio Borgonovo was born in Giussano, Lombardy, in 1956.
Following his studies at the State Art Institute of Cantù, he joined the Design Centre of a major furniture company, where he acquired extensive experience in R & D within the field of products industrial design.
In 1987, he went free-lance and worked as a consultant for some leading furniture companies.
In collaboration with their R & D Centers and designers, he created products of international success.
In 1992, he started cooperating with FORMER, designing a furniture collection based on innovative concepts that led to the development of the first modular system to appear on the market with finished multi-purpose elements.
He designs for several companies of the furniture industry, including Citterio, Flou, Former, Gallotti e Radice, Pamar.

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